To make a long story short...

Once upon a time


Jim, before he met Erin

Before meeting Erin, Jim was working at Adobe and spent his free time playing the online video game, "World of Warcraft" on a team that ranked 20th in the United States and enjoying the good life of a bachelor. He opened an OkCupid account with the hopes of meeting some chicks IRL [nerd code for "In Real Life"].

Erin graduated with her master's degree in 2009 and moved right to San Francisco. She worked at a strategic communications agency in Oakland, and spent weekends snowboarding in Tahoe and exploring the city with her friends from college. Eventually she joined online dating site OkCupid to meet more people.


Erin, before meeting Jim

A boy met a girl online

While Jim was visiting friends in New York City in March 2010, OkCupid suggested Erin as someone he might be interested in and he sent her a short note. Jim seemed pretty normal compared to some of the strange characters Erin met so far on the dating website, so she struck up a conversation through email.

He told her she looked like Pam and she invited him to dine

After emailing each other for a week, Jim confessed that he was initially attracted to her photo because he thought she looked like Pam Beesly, a lead character on the TV show, "The Office." On the show, Pam's boyfriend was named Jim, so Erin suggested it must be a sign. They decided to meet at a little-known sushi restaurant that coincidentally was the favorite of both. Jimisans!

image image

They immediately started falling

Their first date went so well that they ended up going out two more times the following week. The second time they met for dinner at an Italian restaurant, and their third date was to see the movie, "Hot Tub Time Machine." Their tastes aligned in both food and film!

And he asked her to be his darling

Jim took Erin to an Irish pub that serves Indian food in North Beach for their fourth date, and outing #5 was a Giants game. Jim is a huge Giants fan, and after the home team won he asked Erin to officially be his girlfriend.


Everyone came out a winner at this game... except for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Her father gave Jim his blessing and Jim knew he had found his calling

After 8 months of dating, Jim flew up to Oregon with Erin to visit her family for Christmas. They had fallen quickly in love, and Jim caught Erin's dad for a private conversation right before leaving to head back to the airport. Jim nervously explained how much he cared for Erin, and that he'd like to propose to her sometime the following year--with his blessing, of course. Erin's dad answered that Jim already felt like part of the family and that he'd be happy for them to get married. Phew!


Erin with her parents during the Christmas trip.


Jim's first white Christmas!

But so much time then passed

Erin and Jim quickly moved in together to test the success of their relationship. They took vacations both large [Hawaii] and local [camping and wine tasting] and found favorite restaurants and hangouts in the city together. Jim was a novice skier and Erin had never tried skiing, so they spent the winter learning to ski in Lake Tahoe.


Ready to hit the slopes!

That she decided he wouldn't ask

When six months passed without a proposal from Jim, Erin started thinking that he may have changed his mind about getting married. When talking about their future, she started using the phrase, "If we get married," instead of "When we get married." Meanwhile Jim was shopping for the perfect ring with his best friend Jon, who was also planning to propose to his girlfriend.

So when Jim popped the question Erin accepted with a gasp

For Jim's 31st birthday party, friends and family gathered at the little sushi restaurant where Jim and Erin had their first date. At the end of the meal, Jim stood up to make a toast. Erin figured he'd just say a few words thanking everyone for coming, so she was only half listening when she saw him drop to his knee beside her. The ring in his hand got her attention real quick, and of course she said "YES!" After dinner the group went for drinks to celebrate and start planning the bachelor party.

Now after so much love and laughter

Since getting engaged, Erin and Jim have taken vacations to Mexico and San Diego, and are on their third season with skis. They moved out of the city into a rental house in San Mateo when Erin got a new job in Silicon Valley. Although a native San Franciscan, Jim thankfully ended up enjoying living in the 'burbs and working on projects around the house.


San Mateo house when Jim and Erin moved in.


San Mateo house after Jim and Erin's yard face-lift project.

They're ready to raise the rafters

Shortly after the proposal, Jim and Erin threw a tropical-themed engagement / housewarming party in their new digs in San Mateo. The house served them well for that, and many future gatherings--this year, they hosted Jim's family for Thanksgiving on the backyard deck because the weather was so nice! Now, Erin and Jim are getting ready to buy their first home in the San Francisco Bay Area after the wedding.

So please join Jim & Erin to celebrate their happily ever after!