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Amanda Pinholster

Alias: Manders

How we met: I've known Manders since birth! She's only 16 months younger than me and we've always been close.

Fond memories of: Riding horses together pretty much everywhere when we were growing up. Amanda is a phenomenal horsewoman and has the trophies to prove it!

What she's up to these days: Manders works as a sonographer and has been married to Mike, an X-ray technician, for just over a year. They live in the Seattle area with their two adorable dogs, Howie and Toki.

Anna McDonald

How we met: I met Anna in kindergarten and we've been fast friends ever since. When Anna moved away for a few years in elementary/middle school we used to send each other letters and drawings - and I still have some of them! We were hilarious back then.

Fond memories of: High school shenanigans. Her parents were more lenient than mine, so I would always "go over to Anna's to study" when we wanted to go to a party. God forbid my children turn out to be like I was when they're teenagers! But Anna and I ended up okay. :)

What she's up to these days: Anna's finishing up her master's degree in expressive art therapy while living in San Francisco. I'm so lucky to have her nearby!

Jocelyn Gray

How we met: I met Jocelyn in college through some of my sorority sisters - Jocy was pretty much an honorary Tri-Delt by senior year!

Fond memories of: Ski bummery. In the winter, you could find us on the slopes in Tahoe any given weekend (and even some weekdays when the snow called louder than the books).

What she's up to these days: Jocelyn is still skiing up a storm from her homeland in Canada, while working as an environmental engineer to support her powder habit.

Nicole Masaki

How we met: Nicole was my college roommate freshman year - I thought it was so cool to live with someone from Hawaii!

Fond memories of: Traveling together. We've taken tons of trips - from being tourists together in Tahoe, Napa and San Francisco, to passing holiday breaks in Vancouver, B.C. and Las Vegas, to visiting each others' homes in Hawaii and Oregon (I think she may have drawn the short straw in that deal).

What she's up to these days: Nicole moved back to Hawaii after college (can you blame her?) and is working as a budget analyst for the Hawaii Department of Transportation. In her spare time, she lends her gorgeous alto voice to the Lutheran Church of Honolulu choir.

Julie Pham

How we met: We worked together at the Career Resource Center in college and then Julie became my Delta Delta Delta sister soon after.

Fond memories of: Loving and loathing sorority life. Having a live-in chef at the Tri-Delta house and coasting along the social scene? Awesome. Attending all those meetings and rituals? Not so much.

What she's up to these days: Julie went on to get her master's in public health from USC and now works at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. She lives in Los Angeles but thankfully makes it up to my neck of the woods every few months to visit her hometown of San Jose.

Erica Trial

How we met: Erica was in my sorority pledge class - Pretty in Pink, fall '05!

Fond memories of: Having fun in San Francisco after we finished college - Even going to see the latest Harry Potter movie at midnight with all of the hardcore Harry Potter fans who dressed in costumes (Erica is a secret nerd!)

What she's up to these days: Erica works as a service coordinator for persons with developmental disabilities at the North Los Angeles County Regional Center. She and her boyfriend are wine and beer aficionados, and are even trying their hand at home brews!


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Jon Vennarucci

How we met: Jon and I sat next to each other Freshman year of High School but never really hung out until Sophomore year, when our girlfriends at the time (who were friends with each other) took us to their Mercy High School Winter Ball.

Fond memories of: Writing music together, long party nights, walking from my old house on Rudden all the way to Louie's at the Cliff house.

What he's up to these days: Jon manages a group of apartment buildings and lives in San Francisco with his fiance Lydia.

Myke Johns

How we met: I first met Myke after he and Jon ran 3 blocks down hill to catch the #36 bus I was on. He was winded, falling all over the place and making a scene... which I would come to find out is "Myke as usual."

Fond memories of: Long philosophical conversations, metal concerts and bands such as Insomnium and Forbidden which he and I have a particular bond over.

What he's up to these days: Myke is a marketing guru for a popular sporting website & Twitter feed, and an aspiring writer of his own personal screen plays at his home office in South San Francisco.

Brian Kenny

How we met: Mistakenly we thought we were chasing after the same girl my sophomore year of High School, but it turned out that he was fond of one and I the other. We've been friends ever since, in bands together and worked together at several jobs.

Fond memories of: All night gaming parties of Counter Strike & Tribes, jamming on tunes and trying to duplicate the "Sinugba" BBQ pork marinade.

What he's up to these days: Brian lives in the Berkley area with his wife Klaudia and their twin boys. Professionally, he's a web developer for Odopod, as well as in several musical bands, including an electronic ensemble called 'AmonRa'.

Eugene Pavlenko

Alias: 'Gene

How we met: Gene and I met through mutual friends at a neighborhood rivalry poker game. He soon converted from his "Noriega" roots and moved in with Jon and I, officially making him part of the "Teresita Casino Crew."

Fond memories of: Trying everything on (and off) Jimisan's sushi menu, countless hours of playing 'World of Warcraft' and watching the movie "Taken" about 476 times.

What he's up to these days: Gene is a entrepreneur of a startup company called DigiSpoke and resides near Twin peaks (which has an amazing view) with his adorable dog River.

Nate Vennarucci

How we met: With him being Jon's brother, I've known Nate since just after he could walk.

Fond memories of: Hopping over neighbors' fences in the middle of the night, him kicking binoculars off his top bed bunk onto my skull, and of course "the golf ball incident" at the Cobb mountain swimming pool. Ask him to tell this story at the wedding, but when he says that I "sunk like a stone," I maintain that I went underwater to scream expletives haha.

What he's up to these days: Nate lives with his girlfriend Kristina, not far from the ol' Teresita neighborhood in San Francisco. By trade he's a sheet metal worker who also moonlights at Anchor Brewing, but the real labor of love is in the several bands he plays with, including Ontogeny, Anomalous and formerly Sol Asunder with Brian Kenny.

Nik Zasimczuk

How we met: Nik and I both played Tight End on our Freshman football team and we've been friends ever since.

Fond memories of: Playing in the band, Cozumel & Kevin's head that grew 6 sizes that day, the many foreign exchange students his family hosted over the years, and New York.

What he's up to these days: Nik works all over the world as a sound technician for films with famous actors & actresses. When he's not on the go, he's representing the Giants and 49ers clear across the country in New York City with his girlfriend Justyna.